Call me a safe bet, I'm betting I'm not.

Live your life each day as you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance towards the summit keeps the goal in mind, but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point.

-Harold B. Melchart

Even though this is sloppy and after a long day of work and a run, this means so much to me. At the beginning of summer I was out of shape and had no balance or patience. This transition has shown me patience and strength; and even though I am in no where near what shape I want to be I finally see my motivation coming back. Now to practice and become stronger in both mind and body. 🙏



Yoga/stretching with the pup. 🙏🐶

Yoga/stretching with the pup. 🙏🐶


very chilling topic on twitter right now. 

i have my own reasons for #WhyIStayed, and looking through this hashtag, i can see so many women and men who were lost, just as i was.

i stayed because it was the first time i felt important to anyone. he “loved” me. when he said he would die if i left him, i thought it passionate. when he started showing up unannounced at my house, because my friends told him my brother’s friends were over, i thought the jealousy was endearing.

then he tried to kill himself when i left town for two days. he was convinced that i would find someone else, in a town where i knew no one. i came back home, and promised i would never leave.

the manipulation and emotional abuse became physical—but only once. he slammed me against a wall after i made a joke about dumping him once i started college. i hid the bruises from my family, for weeks. that was the moment i decided to get out, no matter what happened. for some people, it only takes one time. others need more than one. and some people never make it out alive.

it is not always easy to “just leave.” it is a blessing if you are able to leave, with no consequences.

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